You know with all my experience and awareness I still get caught up in this reality and allow myself to become sick, or unhealthy in some way. Sickness or ill health normally arrives when your energy is somehow out of shape. That is your universal life force energy becomes unbalanced or blocked. We all have come from and operate from the energy that is governed by the dual-energy system of our aura and chakra system. Throw this system (which is in fact one unit working together) out of sync and viola; it manifests in your physical and psychological well-being. This system is put out of sync by our thinking, and our feelings. For example, recently I allowed subconsciously to let somebody get under my skin, the result is that it has manifested in my physical realm as ringworm. The problem was of course not with the other person, but within me and my inner response to them. Because I ‘felt’ irritated by the other, an irritation manifested on my skin. Lovely. So this is a prime example of how important it is for us not to just take ill health at face value, but to get to the real emotional source of it. Because as it stands in our society we are only treating the ‘symptom’ which is the illness, and not the cause which comes from within us. We have a lot more control over our health than we think. We would be a lot more healthy if we were more educated in the connection between our thoughts, feelings and health. And the connecting factor which is of course our spiritual energy/life force energy. Energy management is vital and essential for us if we want to live our lives to the full. Unfortunately, they do not yet teach these things in school, but they should be taught. Lessons in how we really operate as human beings should be one of the first things we should learn about. It is of primary importance that we are aware of our energy, that thoughts and feelings are energy too, and these energies can be very easily disrupted in the body if our thoughts and feelings are not in alignment with the energy flow required for us to develop and remain physically and psychologically healthy. If we only knew from the very start that our strained thoughts and therefore feelings create serious illness within us, then we would have paid a lot more attention to how we feel and a whole lot of cancers etc. could have been prevented. Education of our body’s energy system is something we should be teaching our kids. It would save governments a lot of money which could be otherwise spent in other areas such as education… What I have learned from my ringworm experience has been, that I really need to handle my emotions differently, and to take more self-responsibility for my own health, as it is I who governs it. Blaming others is no good. I, and only I am responsible for my state of being. It is not ‘his/her’ fault, but mine. I created my own state of health and now I must deal with it, on an energetic emotional level from where it came from, and of course now on a physical level where it has manifested in my body. It’s all a learning process, I am but a work in progress, but progress I must. Because that is what I am here for; to spiritually progress and to be the best version of myself that I possibly can be.

Love and blessings,


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  1. J espère que beaucoup de personnes liront ce blog car il est vrai que nous sommes responsables de nos maux
    Nos énergies nous devons arriver à les maîtriser et je ne dis pas que nous éviterions toutes les maladies mais nous pourrions éviter d en développer par rapport à notre stress .je rejoins totalement le raisonnement d Edel et nous devrions apprendre à maîtriser toutes nos énergies dès l enfance.
    Merci pour ce partage

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