We all have hopes, aspirations, and dreams. When one of these gets drove over, dashed or does not work out as we had all planned and hoped for, we get disillusioned, and all stressed right?. This we think is natural, but is it? Should we get all upset when the tables turn on our desires? Or are we inflicting a form of self-torture on ourselves? throwing tantrums if things don’t go as we expected them to go? It is easier said than done, but disillusionment only comes from the illusions that we ourselves have planted in our pretty little heads. Why do we find it so difficult to leave things to God? Why do we inflict unnecessary torment and torture on ourselves, by not trusting in this, the process of life and all that it has to teach us? Why do we not trust and have faith that the God who upholds large planets, such as Jupiter, Mars and of course our own home planet of Earth, knows what He is doing? God did a not so bad job at creating and upholding of all life and He continues this in every heart that beats, in every flower that blooms and in every sunrise/sunset. Why do we kick and scream if we miss a taxi or have to wait in line? We are where we are meant to be at any given moment in time, divine timing is always in control and not us. No matter what we construct in our heads; be it our next holiday, our next new business adventure or when a child should start to talk, all will happens and pan out in perfect divine timing, as it should and at its own will. Your next dream may not be realized today nor tomorrow, and certainly not when and you expect, but, that is not to say that your dreams will not come true. Your dreams and aspirations will come true if you sidestep your ego and just let go and let God do the organizing for you. Throwing tantrums is not going to help, feeling frustrated and disappointed only adds dense energy to the situation and it will only slow the process down. To relinquish control and to have simple faith in the process, is not only going to take the weight off your shoulders but will free up your energies, so you can function in a more profitable and pleasant manner. This way you avoid disappoints, that you yourself have created. Go ahead dream big; we were born to create and explore, this is natural, but leave the details to God, leaving your egocentric expectations behind. ‘Let go and let God’, is a great motto. Free yourself from the self-inflicted torture, and you can live a stress-free life; now that my friends is what I would call more natural. Because, stress is not a natural state of being.

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