I don’t have much time today, and I am under pressure. That is to say that I have other things that I myself want to do. It being Sunday and all, I do not want to spend the whole day in front of the computer! But, I do want to quickly touch on the subject of the negativity that the Corona Virus Pandemic has brought to the planet. Dare I say it, but it was also our response to the virus, that has not helped either. All the fear, panic and uncertainty has plonged and planted an enormous amount of negativity everywhere, and to everyone here on the whole Earth. And, sadly most people are not aware of it. Therefore, I want to stress today, that there is an immense level of negativity in the ether since the pandemic of March 2020. It is in the ground, and it is in the air; it is everywhere. So, stay home as much as possible, and cleanse yourselves of negativity even more so now. Avoid crowded places if possible, and do not travel unless really necessary, because, if you do, you are only picking up and tuning into more and more negativity. Sorry, if this seems extremely gloomy, but this is how things are right now, and it is only temporary, but all things do pass, and this is no different. Things will get better, but, for now, we have an accumulation of negativity and on a global scale that which has never been seen before. So, that is why it is so important to stand still, and not just metaphysically, but physically also. Rest cheerful, optimistic and in a state of love and gratitude, but from home. Just because the flights are going again, does not mean that it is ok to run, to jump on the next flight out of the country. Stop to think, how the pandemic has energetically negatively affected the planet and all the people on it. Yes, we may be vaccinated, yes stores and places are reopened, but the energy that the pandemic has brought is still very much present, and in fact, has grown. So, please take my advice and stay home, or very near to home as much as possible, until the negativity has lifted. By doing so you will be doing yourself and your loved ones a great, great service.

One thought on “A Great Service”

  1. Ta pensée est très juste tu as donné un très bon conseil
    Effectivement les energies négatives sont très importantes depuis le covid et notre manière de vivre ne fait que les renforcer.vouloir courir partout en oubliant les gestes barrières pensant que grâce au vaccin tout est OK est faux il faut permettre aux energies de se recentrer

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