Walking this morning was wonderful. What a gift to have the pallet of autumn colours this time of the year. It is just amazing; the beauty out-standing, as I walked in awe of the wonder of creation. It is easy to draw comparison at this time of the year between spiritual psychology and the falling leaves. Like the falling leaves, what do we also need to let go of? What egotistic habits could we benefit from ditching? How can we best move forward? Leaving behind the old so that new and better things can enter. Dying from our old selves to allow for the higher self to remerge even better than before. As the dying leaves, death is a necessity.

It’s the time of year when we pause to acknowledge the importance of death in the cycle of life. Honor the critical role death plays in your own spiritual journey.” – www.theseasonalsoul.com

The autumn, like all of the seasons, offers us a mirror into our soul’s journey. As such it is a reflection of our own life’s journey. We can learn a lot from mother nature, and become more aware of what these reflections can do for us. How they can heighten our awareness and improve our reality. As the sun sinks lower in the northern hemisphere, it rises in the southern hemisphere, our autumn is their spring. So, in fact, it is only an illusion that the sun is gone away, it is always there, ok, it may spend less time in our direct view, but we have to share the seasons with the rest of the planet. We can’t hog the sun to ourselves all year round, no one can. Anyway, without the winter we would not know, nor appreciate the summer! It is like everything in our universe; a polarity. Two poles of extreme opposite ends, but always one, it is in fact complete. We need those extremes to bring balance to the universe and our lives. Without that necessary balance, we would be out of sorts; out of sync with what and who, we are as spiritual beings. With the autumn cross-quarter day also comes fresh spiritual energy, the energies that influx around the end of October, or Halloween as we know it. This is a special time of heightened spiritual energy that allows for the line to thinner, or the veil to be lighter between the physical realm and the realm of spirit. It is a time of remembering those who went before us, and an opportunity to more easily connect with them. In the Celtic calendar, this time of year is known as ‘Samhain’, a sacred festival surrounding death, and has long been celebrated. Witches also celebrate Samhain as their New Year. You see at Halloween we need to also embrace death and the darkness to highlight what needs to die off from within us. This is not a time of year for fear, but a time of letting go and introspection. Commercially like most festivals now Halloween has also been turned into a money-making machine. A commercial opportunity mostly to sell sweets and customs. But to the spiritual seeker and those more aware, Halloween is a golden opportunity to gain spiritual energies and to grow in personal growth. Halloween, as I said, is a cross-quarter day; that is we are halfway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice, so there really is a change in energies in the ether. Don’t forget we also have the magnificent Halloween blue full moon this Halloween on Oct 31st. That is the second full moon of October, the other haven fallen on the first of the month. The powerful full moon of October 31 will, of course, accelerate the Halloween energies for us. As we focus on mental clearing this full moon will help us to release old energies and baggage. Halloween night; enjoyable and fun as it is, should not solely be a night that is sacred only to pagans or Witches, but, rather it should be held sacred to us all and taken seriously as the golden gateway that it is.

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