Today is the first of May, May Day or as I know it ‘Bealtaine’. Bealtaine is the Irish word for the month of May and it comes from the ancient Celtic festival of Bealtaine celebrating the cross-quarter day between the Spring Equinox on March 21st and the Summer Solstice on June 21st. Traditionally in the Celtic calendar, Bealtaine celebrates the onset of the light half of the year. That is the onset of more sunlight, nature’s abundance, and fertility. Bealtaine literally means ‘bright fire’ in the Celtic language. ‘Bel’ is the word for light and ‘tine’ fire, (‘Belanus’, being the Celtic sun god). The day was celebrated with ritual, songs and bonfires. Mayday rightly so has always been much loved, as we shifted from darkness into the light. And with this shift, comes of course the accelerations of the energies of spring as the sun continues to ascend in the northern hemisphere. This is the time for tiling the land, for plantation and therefore growth. Just look out the window at the pace of growth at this time of the year. There is an enormous and tremendous amount of expansion, progression and transformation taking place in nature. So just imagine what is now available to you. You see as an energetic being, you too just like the consciousness that is now being accelerated in nature, this same consciousness can now be accelerated within you. But you must tap into it. Remember, it is the one consciousness that is shifting; everything is one and we are one with nature. There is no separation in unity consciousness. The ancients were right to celebrate this time of the year. They knew there was a lot to be positive about, they knew that this too was also good for us. So never dismiss ancient festivals as mere fairy tales or some harmless native folklore. Behind our traditional festivals lies the wisdom of some forgotten knowledge. Knowledge may have been entangled in myth and superstition, but it is always there. Celtic festivals honour the wheel of the year, and the wheel of the year is about the sun. The sun is our biggest influencer here on Earth. The sun shifts our energy as we go around it. The sun gives us life, and as we pass another monumental period in the wheel of the year, we need to stop and pause and absorb the shifting energies that are all around us right now. By being more aware, present and grounded we will integrate these energies better. So celebrate Bealtaine, celebrate new life and all that is coming our way. The sun is ascending and so should we. Grab hold of the Maypole and dance around it joyfully. Get out in nature – pick those wildflowers and make your May altar and take time to meditate. Meditation is the best way to come into attunement with these shifting energies. Even 10 mins a day can do it, but do it you must. Celebrate with the Celts, and tap into Bealtaine big time.

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