With the recent pandemic; covid 19, the coronavirus, whichever you like to call it, some of us can feel a bit helpless, somewhat overpowered by it all. That is some think that this is beyond our control and that we are at the mercy of it, that there is nothing really we can do ourselves about it. But never underestimate the power of the collective consciousness and the power of prayer. By losing the fear of it, by not giving into the collective fear, doom and gloom that is in the ether, we can lift ourselves up out of this cloud that has descended upon us. Fear only attracts fear, fear itself is the virus. Paranoia, pessimism and feeling powerless are not going to help anyone at this time. We need now more than ever optimism, fearlessness in a responsible manner; courage and prayer. This pandemic has proven to be a huge challenge and a blessing in disguise on many levels. We have to think of the good that has come out of it, and what we have learned from it. Just remark how resilient we are and how we survive regardless of what comes our way. We have come through so much this year and those who lost loved ones to the virus even more so. What we most certainly need is a good optimistic collective consciousness to combat all that negativity in the ether, but what we also must not forget is to pray. Old fashioned as it sounds, prayer is a real good tool to combat negativity. And that what this virus has brought and lots of it – negativity. Prayer purifies and can counteract and help to re-balance the negativity that is the atmosphere at this time. Prayer is the sending out of good energy into the universe, it is making a direct connection to the divine and therefore it cleanses. Cleansing at this time is crucial to combat covid and any negativity. It is better not to be sucked into the mass sheep consciousness of the collective that is not in a positive nor good state of being. But collective or group prayer is very powerful indeed. This like anything has to start at an individual level and run from there, so if you have 2,5, or 10 mins to spare during the day please pray for the planet right now, pray for the covid but in a general sense. Do not pray and attract the very opposite, that is by praying in need or in want all you will do is attract more of the same. So never pray needing or wanting, just keep it general not punctuating any particular desire. Pray for the ascension of the planet and the covid is all your intention need be and that is sufficient. By doing that you will also feel less of a victim in this bizarre scenario which we now find ourselves in. Because by doing something constructive you eschew worry. And as I said pray purifies both you and for what or who you are praying for, therefore raising the vibration of the planet. And raising the vibration of the planet right now is our objective. Do you see how easy it is for us to do our bit? Just by setting aside a couple of moments a day can help to make a big difference in creating a brighter and even more brilliant tomorrow.

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