I am going to talk more on the topic of ‘self-love’ today, as I am tired after not sleeping too well last night, I, therefore, find it appropriate to delve into the subject a little bit today. As I am tired I am showing myself some self-love by not forcing myself to write when I am not in form, nor at my peak. It is not fair to me or to those kind people who take the time to read my blog. But, this is all part of self-love, knowing when to give yourself a break; knowing when not to listen to your ego which will tell you that you’re a failure if you don’t step up to keep others or it (your ego) happy. Self-love involves honoring yourself, and not feeling that you have to ‘report’ to someone else or ‘report’ to your ego; that eternal little voice in your head that keeps you as a slave to conditioning. It is OK to put yourself first, it is OK to be tired, it is OK to want to honor your specific journey in life, it is OK to be you and not what others want/think you to be. Our souls all have different journeys in life and this must be honored and respected. Otherwise, we will feel that eternal hole in our souls, and we will search for other things to fill in that hole; that void. Some try to fill it with cars, clothes, holidays and money, etc., but, that just leaves us still deflated. So even small acts of self-love help us to step onto the bigger ladder of self and soul satisfaction, and therefore happier and more fulfilled lives. Learning to do this is just another lesson that a lot of us have to learn on this our life’s journey. These lessons help us to grow more fully into ourselves and open us up to newer possibilities for our lives. Allowing our light to shine more brightly, and out into the wider universe. By simply loving and respecting ourselves, we are in fact raising the vibrations of not only us but, of all those around us – even if they do not realize it yet.

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