In the past year or two I have come across or to be more precise I have found some great spiritual teachers via websites with links to other spiritual teachers. Also, blogs that included other people’s meditations, or youtube videos. These people have been crucial aides to me or this my spiritual journey, and I am so grateful for them. People like Melanie Beckler, Phil Good, Diane Cooper, Light of the Spirit Blog and LIGHT GRID-Lichtnetz-REDDELUZ, are all part of my spiritual journey. Without them, I would not be spiritually nor personally where I am at today. People come and go in and out of our lives at many different times and for many different reasons. Some are blatantly obvious and others play a more subtle role, but, nonetheless, each and every person whether we like them or not, or may I be more correct; whether we vibrate at the same frequency as them or not, serves a purpose in our lives. We are all interconnected, and regardless of our feelings towards the other, our challenge is to always come from a place of compassion and love. Compassion for those with whom we disagree. Compassion for those who are still in the dark and are still stuck in lower vibrational frequencies, demands that we really and truly live the verse ‘forgive them for they know not what they do’, hard and all as that may be. It is so easy to feel ‘compassion’ for a charity, for those who do not have food nor shelter, but, the biggest challenge is to have compassion for those who get under our skin. It is so easy to justify unloving behavior; ‘we were done wrong by’, ‘we were severely hurt’, ‘we are victims of XYZ…’ and therefore we can feel we have a right to be cold-hearted, etc towards the other. I am not saying to be doormats, I am not saying to let yourself be disrespected, but, what I am saying is to be aware that they are unaware, they are still slaves to their fears and egos. And this my friends deserve pity, as people who are still enslaved lack the same quality of life and the ability to truly love, then those who are living their lives in full awareness and love. Yes, it is sad, but, thankfully the world is changing one aware and awakened person at a time we are building a better human experience. So what is awakening or awareness? Check out below how Melanie Beckler explains it:

Spiritual Awakening Process – Your Initiation Into Higher Consciousness.

What is Spiritual Awakening Really?
Spiritual awakening is in essence, a shift in consciousness and an an initiation into an expanded sense of awareness and connective with Cosmic Intelligence.
The awakening process itself is when the lower-self transcends fear, confusion, and the many lies and illusions of the physical in order to reconnect with higher consciousness and the full realization of the underlying love and peace present in every moment.

The awakening path is two-fold and includes both deconstructions of the lower self that is rooted in Maya or illusion… It includes construction and building up the spiritual centers of perception to see and know higher worlds. SPIRITUAL AWAKENING IS IN THE SIMPLEST SENSE A PARADIGM SHIFT.

The word AWAKENING a powerful metaphor to describe the shift… Because ultimately words are inadequate when it comes to explaining the profound life-altering change that can happen in a moment when you wake up.

In many ways, waking up spiritually feels like waking up from a dream and suddenly realizing that your previous (dream) experience that seemed so real, and vivid… Was actually rooted in illusion. Upon awakening, it becomes clear that there is so much more than the dream world.

In terms of spiritual awakening rather than waking up from a sleeping dream, the dream state your waking up from is the collective web of beliefs, pathways, illusions, distortions, and perceptions that makeup reality.

Waking up from the “Maya” or the illusion that is the physical world, to the underlying truth and deep knowing that there is so much more going on than you’ve previously believed about yourself, your life, and all reality.
-Melanie Beckler;

And that is it in a nutshell, and that is why spiritual awakening is so important and should be center stage in our lives. But, just be patient and compassionate as not everybody is evolving or ‘waking’ up at the same rate. Some people unfortunately it may seem have alot of catching up to do. Yet, everyone is on a different journey, so be patient. Some people may never wake up, but, that too is ok, as they have many lifetimes to do it. Concentrate on our selves is all we can do, as we cannot change others. There is only one person we can change and that is ourselves. And thankfully we have a lot of support and love from the many spiritual teachers out there in cyber land, because, we are all both teachers and pupils.

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