There was a full moon last night, the first full moon after the Equinox and the start of another astrological year has begun. It is why they say that April is the month of fresh starts, of going forward and getting things done. It is about manifesting your desires, of retrieving things that one has put on the long finger, of stepping out of one’s comfort zone and into the new; a new phase. Many a time your mind – which likes to stay in the safe zone, is afraid of change. This is normal, as change can bring challenge, and your mind is just protecting itself or feeding into energies of fear of the unknown. But, we can look to nature at this time of the year for inspiration, without change we would have no spring flowers, no new growth and this is what we are about; growth. Standing still is not an option. This, of course, can seem daunting at first, but, with the help of your angels, guides, and spirit your journey can be made much more easily. It is always a good idea to call on heaven for help when we are going through changes; this is what they are there for – to help us. So, no matter how small or big of a challenge you face, be it painting the fence – choosing a color, or changing jobs always call on heaven for help and guidance. The spiritual realm is here to help us and never forget that. We have unconditional love and support when we act for our highest good, that’s why when something feels really right for you, it tends to be an easy transition to move forward. It is an inner knowing that only comes from having constant contact and communication with the spiritual realm and your higher self. One achieves this knowing, or intuition from meditation and prayer. Because, it is when we stand still that we can hear our inner voice that comes from our divine spark, bringing guidance and clarity to us. Before you make a major decision always meditate, meditate and meditate lots before you act. Pray for help to enforce your plans, and only then act. Always check in with heaven, or the higher realms before you do anything, personally I have found that it is the best way to go about things, and there is positivity in the knowledge that you are converting worry or uncertainty into positive actions; as worry and stress only lowers your energy and therefore your connectivity to your higher self. By remaining calm, connected and grounded you will arrive at the best possible outcome for yourself. Don’t forget to breathe in the fresh air; get out in nature, where you can brush off the cobwebs and tune into the healing and calming powers of Mama nature. Because, she too is also here to help you; to cleanse your energy, to revitalize your essence, and to enhance your earthly experience. And that is exactly what I am going to do now, I am heading out into the glory of God’s garden to rejuvenate myself. See you next week.

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