There is a lot of talk surrounding the new moon on March 6th, and the new energies that it will bring for us all. This new moon is coming as a preparation for the new astrological year starting on March 20/21, on the Spring Equinox, when we have equal length of day and night. Astrological energies are the big picture, and they affect us on both a collective consciousness level and on an individual level. But, let us not forget the earth energies that are around us all the time; that is energies from our environment, energies from animals and energies from other people especially. Who we share our lives with has unseen consequences that affect our energies and therefore our lives in many different ways. These ‘ways’ can be both positive and negative. If you are in the company of people who genuinely love and support you, who love themselves and love the world, then all is good. But, if you encounter people – and this is a difficult one to judge – who hide their true motives and feelings; hurts, nasty thinking, jealousies, grievances of any sort, then this is going to pull your energy down. When I say this I mean they will give you lower vibrating dense energy that will infiltrate and slow down your energy bringing your whole body, mind, and soul down a notch. This is not the route we want to take, as the objective is to have fast and clean vibrating energy so that we can live on lives to our full potential. Thoughts are things; that is thoughts create an energy pattern, a frequency, and this frequency needs to be in a healthy state, if not, the energy omitted is as I ‘negative’ or of lower vibrancy, than let’s say ‘positive’ energy. Buts, let’s be honest, very few of us sadly are in a perpetual state of grace, and therefore sadly, due to these egocentric behaviors sadly a lot of seemingly sweet people are not so sweet or kind on the inside. This is why it is so important to remain realistic and to get into a daily and weekly habit of cleansing your bodies subtle energies; that is your aura and your chakra’s which carry energy in and around your body. It is your life-force energy, you need this in tip top form in order to live well; in body-mind, and soul. Negative energy has a detrimental effect on your health, on your relationships, on your success in life. Energy is your life and it is your key to happiness, so it is vital to look after it. We have a responsibility not only to ourselves but, to others too, as if we are full of negativity we are sharing that negativity with those who we live and meet. You can clean your energy physically by burning silver leaf white sage and by taking sea salt baths, (google cleansing your aura), but, the best way to not omit negativity in the first place is to think loving thoughts, to be pure of heart. And as I said earlier sadly not everyone has a pure heart, so do clean your body’s energy habitually as you would your teeth or wash the dishes – its the same thing – you would not eat off a dirty plate, so why live off a dirty body. Become aware of your subtle energies and learn to lovingly care for them, as the beautiful gift that they are. They are part of you, just as your teeth or hair are, so just because you cannot see your aura or your chakras who work day and night for you, does not mean that you forget or neglect them. Spring is coming with the arrival soon of the Spring Equinox, after that, the days begin to get brighter; as the darkness gives way to the light. So in readiness spring clean your aura, protect yourself from lover dense negative energies, and shine your way into a birghter tomorrow.

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