‘Pain’; a small word of just four letters, yet if you have never experienced it at a profound level, you cannot relate nor understand it. Nor, can you comprehend anyone else in severe pain; the sheer anguish of it is enough to knock one out. It paralyses one’s life. Well God is the same. We can talk about him/her/it, but if we do not actually experience God, then our understanding of him is only pseudo and superficial. It is like we can read about God, talk and learn about what God is or is not. Yet, without direct experience, we are at a loss. And we will not experience the profound love and bliss that is God. And it is a pity to go through life never experiencing the real and genuine joy that is available to us on demand. It is like never leaving our houses to explore in the garden. If we lock ourselves away, we continue to live in fear and darkness, never experiencing the beauty and boundless bliss that is God in garden of our soul. You know what I am saying; it is not rocket science, it is not something difficult to understand. One does not need a degree, nor a masters in anything to know that in order to experience something, we first have to do it. It’s like trying to explain and experience the rush of bungee jumping and never done it. Instead we are too afraid to even try, and we only imagine the trill it can give us. Well experiencing the God within us is the same. So, take the time to try to tap into Him; be it through nature, or meditation. Because, we can do many many things; rites and rituals, read the holy books over and over, but it we do not have experience then it is all for nothing. We can be trained to do things; many occupations, but without actual experience, nobody will want to employ us. God wont know us, nor us Him until we actually meet. And when we do actually meet and experience God, it is then that our lives change, and for the better. Because, we will be finally meeting the part of us, that we were searching for. We will find the missing piece of the puzzle and we will feel complete. Without which we will remain fragmented and fragile. Because, our relationship with God, is basically the relationship that we have with ourselves; our ‘real’ selves. And just like any relationship, it needs to be tended to. In order to grow, it needs just like the flowers to be watered daily. So look after the garden that is your soul, tend to it and it will grow and beautifully blossom, giving you a very rich harvest indeed.

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